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BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS Jimin Receives Death Threats and Fans Demand Agencies to Take Actions

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS Jimin Received Death Threats + Fans Demand Both Group’s Agencies to Take Actions

Following the announcement of BLACKPINK's return that will be going to take place this upcoming June, fans and netizens can't help but think about the anonymous account that sends death threats to the group's member, Lisa. In addition to this, BTS fans, are also worried about the new death threats that Jimin received recently during his Vlive broadcast with Namjoon.

On May 3, prior to the official announcement of YG Entertainment, fans especially BLINKs were wary about the safety and security of the Thai member of the K-pop female idol group, Lalisa Manoban or also popularly known as Lisa. This is after a terrifying Twitter account kept on posting messages, threatening the life of the idol.

On one of the post of the Twitter account with the username @Ma0be554, the account owner wrote, "ONCE BLACKPINK has their comeback stage, I am going to shoot BLACKPINK's Lisa, and you can say goodbye to your bias because that's the last time you'll ever see her ugly face again."

"Once blackpink has there comeback stage, I'm going to shoot Lisa BLACKPINK and you can say bye bye to your bias because that's the last time you will ever see her ugly face again" pic.twitter.com/saT0ZsgRex — Sun Child (@LiliSpazzue) May 3, 2020

Moreover, in Instagram, a user is also writing death threats to Lisa, where the owner of the account even uploaded a photo of Lisa, beneath a tomb and later on wrote, "I will kill Lisa. I have my gun already."

Lisa from K-Pop group Blackpink has received death threat from an unknown account. We should be alarmed because an analogous traegdy happened before. PLEASE be aware of this message and protect Lisa’s life security. Thank you so much!!! @RTE_Seoul @ygofficialblink pic.twitter.com/6bT6H3O4tk — arya (@arya79695166) May 3, 2020
Due to this, BLINKS are exasperated and have demanded that YG Entertainment takes this seriously and to look into the accounts. This might be a joke according to the netizens; however, death threats to K-pop idols shouldn't be taken lightly as "life" is at risk.

Meanwhile, BLINKs and BLACKPINK are not the only ones who were receiving death threats but several idols as well. Recently, BTS fans, ARMYs, are also deeply worried about Jimin for he has also been receiving several death threats.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS Jimin Received Death Threats + Fans Demand Both Group’s Agencies to Take Actions

Earlier, on May 5, a Twitter account expressed her anxious heart due to the disturbing comment that was written during Jimin's Vlive broadcast together with RM on April 15. The commentator said, "I'll hire a hitman to kill you both if you come to the US."  During the live broadcast, several comments were going in, that's why both idols didn't notice the comment; however, fans are able to take screenshots of the threat coming from an unknown user.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS Jimin Received Death Threats + Fans Demand Both Group’s Agencies to Take Actions

The uneasiness of fans escalated after the comments have been seen, as two years ago, BTS Jimin received death threats too. This is also the same for BLACKPINK's Lisa.

These threats scared the idols that another BTS member, Jin, even wore the same clothes along with Jimin during their concert to deceive the sasaeng [obsessed fans] who were present in the concert.

During a press conference, fans are touched and at the same time were heartbroken looking at the idol who is trying to act stronger so that his fans won't worry about him.

On the other hand, Lisa's death threats trended in Weibo, a Chinese social media platform already, showing their concerns towards the idol. Her Chinese idol was also using Instagram, to show support and to protect the idol, from harmful comments that she is receiving.

#LISA is trending #1 on weibo. Chinese netizens even accounts w/ huge following are expressing their concern about Lisa receiving death threats.#블랙핑크 #리사 #BLACKPINK #LALISA #リサ #ลิซ่า pic.twitter.com/tzc5v0RHEe — superlilijuju⁰³²⁷ hiatus (@superliIijuju) May 3, 2020
Both agencies are not releasing any statement about these yet. However, fans continue to call out YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK's agency and BIghit Entertainment, BTS agency to take legal actions towards the owner of the accounts.

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