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RED VELVET Seulgi show off her amazing figure at a mini fan meeting

Look here y'all...

Seulgi ain't screwing around.

She's here and she's miraculous.

Someone find the inventor and thank him or her.

A high point in Korean Engineering, Seulgi is constructed from the finest, highest quality materials and showcases expert craftsmanship and attention to form.

Does anyone know where I can purchase my very own Seulgi Bear to cuddle with at night?

I haven't had a bear since I was a small lad, but today seems as good a time as any to revisit childhood.

Are they selling Seulgi Bears on YesAsia? Or do I need to order direct from SM Entertainment? I'd really like to place my order as soon as possible.

Original post: https://kpopping.com/kpics/details/24577-170923-Red-Velvet-Seulgi

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