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8 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About MOMOLAND

Earlier this year, the Internet went berserk over the music video of girl group MOMOLAND's third EP's title track 'Bboom Bboom'. Despite debuting in November 2016, this song was the group's first big hit not only in the domestic market, but in the international scene too. Covers of the catchy and easy to follow dance moves were popping up all over the world, pushing 9 unsuspecting girls into international stardom.

The viral moves, addictive fan-chants and dazzling smiles aside, MOMOLAND is actually a very interesting group of girls who aren't afraid to just have fun. While girl groups nowadays still like to maintain that mysterious yet lovely duality on and off stage, this ninesome's fun and down-to-earth selves are unstoppable, and regardless of setting, willingly let themselves loose even while on camera.

If all you think about when you hear about someone say MOMOLAND is "great!", here are a few more facts that you probably didn't know about them, and will make you think they are even greater than their hype's worth.

1. In June 2016, members Nancy, JooE, Ahin, Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane and Nayun were selected as the seven finalists of Mnet's survival program Finding Momoland to debut as an idol group amongst 10 trainees from Duble Kick Entertainment. Taeha and Daisy only joined the group in March the next year.

2. Before making their official debut on the 9 November 2017, the first seven members were appointed as ambassadors for the International Relief Development NGO Plan Korea. They even flew over to Vietnam to perform afterwards, encouraging kids there to participate in the kindergarten construction service.

3. The group made a cameo in the drama The Liar and His Lover, which stars Red Velvet's Joy and Lee Hyunwoo.

4. MOMOLAND is the first girl group and second act to get a Platinum certification by Gaon Music Chart with over 100 million streams for 'Bboom Bboom'.

5. JooE landed her endorsement deal with Tropicana thanks to her enthusiastic dancing.

6. Members Nancy and Daisy both hosted for Pops In Seoul, a K-pop music program on Arirang TV.

7. Taeha was a Produce 101 contestant. She also participated in SuperstarK in 2009.

8. Nancy is the youngest member (2000) but has the most training experience of 6 years.

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