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10 Outfits That Prove Red Velvet Seulgi Looks Sexiest In Red

Red Velvet’s Seulgi is definitely one of the sexiest members of the group and her looks are only amplified when she wears red. Here are 10 outfits that show just how sexy Seulgi looks in red!

1. Seulgi’s Fever Festival Outfit

2. Seulgi’s Loose-fitting Gyeongbok-go Festival Outfit

3. Seulgi’s Ab-revealing Inkigayo Outfit

4. Seulgi’s Seductive Korea Music Festival Outfit

5. Seulgi’s Korea University Ipselenti short shorts

6. Seulgi’s MCountdown Rookie Rookie Outfit

7. Seulgi’s Sexy Namseoul University Festival Outfit

8. Red Velvet Seulgi’s Red Velvet Red Carpet Outfit

9. Seulgi’s Form-fitting Outfit From The Red Summer Booklet

10. Seulgi’s Ultra-sexy “Intern” Outfit From The Show

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