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Top 10 All Time Sexiest Moments Of Red Velvet Joy On Stage

Red Velvet‘s tallest member has always been a performance powerhouse. Here’s a look back at Joy‘s sexiest moments on stage.

Joy has brought fans, pardon the pun, a lot of Joy since Red Velvet’s debut in 2014. With two years of stunning stages behind her, and a third year underway with the release of “Rookie”, we wanted to take a look back at some of Joy’s best performances.

These are the looks she owned on stage.

1. Tight Top + Smooth Skirt = “All Day Ballin” Indeed
Joy certainly made her mark by doing her job—fans were left “dumb dumb” after watching this performance.

She hit all the beats perfectly and owned the pigtails!

2. The Velvet Flip
Red Velvet isn’t just known for their fun, upbeat, cute concepts ; they’re also famous for their ability to deliver sexy stages. Just look at how natural Joy is moving her body.

3. Sensual, Velvet Hands
Nobody delivers on the command “work the camera”, as well as Joy does during Red Velvet’s sultry singles. Joy’s stage presence is unparalleled.

Image result for Red Velvet
This performance left viewers breathless.

4. Guns of Joy
Red Velvet’s first release, Happiness,could have really been titled, Joy. You can’t help but smile watching her perform.

Image result for Red Velvet

5. Suited Up
Although Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour says that “wearing head-to-toe black is a fashion faux pas,” Joy is one step closer to proving her wrong.

6. The Crazy-Yet-Captivating Hair
No look is complete without confidence, and we can be sure Joy has plenty of it. Just look at that wink !

7. The “Charlie’s Angels” Look
From leg windmills to perfectly-timed “smizes”, Joy can pull it all off on top of being dressed in a suit from head to toe.

8. Yin and Yang
Joy was the group’s maknae-turned-breakout star on We Got Married, and continues to surprise us with her versatility. Like the collaboration between Yin and Yang, Joy is truly the best of both worlds.

9. Everyday College Girl
Even though Joy may be one of the biggest rising stars in the K-Pop field, she could not look more personable than when she’s wearing an over-sized university sweater.

10. The “Right to Bare Arms” Look
Joy’s toned arms come to the forefront in this cute and sexy outfit. Looking good is never a game of Russian Roulette for Joy ; she looks good no matter what.

Joy has given countless incredible performances and rocked so many great looks ! What are your favorites?

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