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Many female idols are crazy about short clothes

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Beautiful Nicole Jung with sexy and healthy photos

These idols are almost "crazy" about short clothes that they wear them from events, music stages, fashion photos to daily life.
Those who watch both US-UK showbiz and Korean one will easily recognize the fashion of beauties completely different. If the beautiful blue-eyed blonde are fond of showing their curves, Asian women, the Korean singers/actresses in particular are crazy about showing off  their long, slender legs.

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In the Korean showbiz, Korean beauties prefer to show off their legs. A few days ago, HyunA was criticized for her sensitive shorts.
Looking at the beauties of Korea, fashion believers almost think of short dress that they wear anytime anywhere, from events, music stage, fashion photos to life. However, short clothes are always hidden danger and in fact there are many beautiful women fall into the awkward situations due to their clothing issues in front of the crowd. In order to conquer this sexy style, Korean stars also have much interesting "treatment" such as the use of cotton underpants, wearing tights or selecting the elastic pants desig that fit well in the butt. Find out how the Korean beauties are crazy about shorts:

1. Wearing shorts at the airport 

 The Korean beauties have dynamic and highly functional fashion when appearing at the airport. Along with jeans and maxi dress, shorts are very popular. They very flexibly go with oversized shirt, pullover, long jacket and bread sandals or sneakers depending on the interests of the female owner.

The Korean stars often use shorts every time to the airport for the convenience, dynamism and sexy they bring

A beauty applies the trend to show off her smooth fair legs

The girl group SNSD

2. Making stages become hot because of 5cm pants and short skirts

5cm pants, short skirts are considered "tools" to help Korean singers show off their beautiful legs, while glorifying the sexiness in each dance moves. In order to cope and prevent from revealing their body, many girls have been cautious about using cotton underpants, in other instances using patterned, meshed or tattered socks.

Soyou (Sistar) is sexy with shorts on the music stage

The familiar images on music stages

3. Wearing short dress at events

The Korean beauties also wear shorts and short skirts at events. It is the reason which causes them to be embarrassing and repeatedly cover their costume when stepping up the stairs, sitting in front of the audience or avoiding the wind blows accidentally.

Actress Chae Jung Ae shows off her long legs with short skirt

Minah (Girl’s Day) is also fond of this style

Park Ji Yeon shows off her beautiful legs with short skirt

However, many times the hobby of wearing short clothes makes the beauties awkward, in the picture is the beautiful Kang Seo Yeon.

4. Wearing short clothes in fashion photos

Short skirts, shorts are the costumes used in many fashion photos of Korean stars. And the fans can freely watch the elongated legs, which have been modified.

The sexy Nana (After School) and Bora (Sistar)

Kang Sora shows off her long slender legs with shorts in a fashion photo

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