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Shiraishi Mai - Gorgeous photos!

Mai Shiraishi is a singer and model who is a member of the Japanese idol girl group Nogizaka46. Wikipedia
Born: August 20, 1992 (age 25), Gunma Prefecture, Japan Height: 1.61 m Genre: J-pop Movies and TV shows: Yamikin Ushijima Kun 3, Asahinagu Music group: Nogizaka46

After graduating from High School, Shiraishi pursued her studies in a music college as she desired to be a singer. Later on, one of her teachers persuaded her to audition for Nogizaka46.[3]

Shiraishi's idol career started when she was accepted as one of the 1st Generation member in AKB48 Official Rival Group, Nogizaka46, on 21 August 2011. She was chosen as one of the members in Nogizaka46 to release their debut song "Guruguru Curtain" on 22 February 2012. When Nogizaka46 release their 2nd single "Oide Shampoo", she was chosen again to be in the senbatsu. Her career as a model started as she participated in Girls Award 2012 Autumn/Winter with her fellow Nogizaka46 member, Nanase Nishino.[4]

Shiraishi achieved further popularity when she appeared in a midnight show Count Down TV Special! Toshikoshi Premier Live 2012-2013 (1 January 2013)[5] and a midnight horse racing show Uma Zuki! (16 March 2013)[6] which is viewed by the minimum age of 20 years. In Japan broadcast channel, Fuji Television, Shiraishi was chosen to be the MC of the horse racing show Uma Zuki! since 5 January 2013[6] and a presenter in midnight variety show, Bachi Bachi Elekiteru since 16 April 2013.[7]

She became the youngest model for women's fashion magazine Ray issued by Shufonotomo since 23 March 2013.[8] Shiraishi really loves the fashion world and has stated that she once dreamt to become a model during her high school years.

Shiraishi was chosen as the center position in Nogizaka46 for their sixth single "Girl's Rule" was released on 3 July 2013. She took over the center position from Rina Ikoma who is the first woman in charge of that and became the second one.[9]

On 17 December 2014, Shiraishi held a release event for her 1st photo book 'Seijun na Otona Shiraishi Mai' (A Pure Adult). Shiraishi is the 1st member from Nogizaka46 to release a solo photo book. "I'm happy to be the first one," she expressed.[10] She also released her 2nd Photobook "MAI STYLE", which was released on 23 January 2015 as the first photobook was highly perceived.[11] It ranked 4th on the Oricon general book ranking and 1st in the photobook category selling 19,000 copies in the first week.[12]

In September 2016, Shiraishi played a supporting role in the film Ushijima the Loan Shark 3.[13]

On 7 February 2017, the 3rd solo photo book "Passport" was released. It was reprinted for the 20th time, and the total printing volume exceeded 310,000 copies until June 2018.[14] Moreover, in the first half of the year 2018, she made the most number of appearances in television commercials among any other tarento in Japan.[15]

Shiraishi was in charge of the center position for Nogizaka46's 20th single "Synchronicity" which was released on 25 April 2018. It was sold 1,116,852 copies in the first week.[16]

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