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CL Wearing Different Swimsuits For June Issue

W Korea just shared more pictures of CL in her swimsuit for this fashion and style magazine June issue. CL looked really stunning and sexy, showing her beautiful curves,  wearing different swimsuits. Previously, W Korea has shared the picture of CL, former 2NE1 leader, for the cover of this magazine June issue on their official Instagram on May 15. CL was sitting on a sofa with her sexy outfit and she posed like a professional model in this picture. The photo editorial was taken in LA and CL's body was hot like a fire under the bright sun, Pop Crush reported. Then, W Korea shared more pictures of CL wearing different swimsuits, revealing much skin of hers. In one picture, CL was wearing a two-piece swimsuit and she gave her strong gaze with her smoky-eye makeup. In another picture, she wore a black-and-white swimsuit and a white hat, posing leaning backward to show her sexy curves, AllKpop reported. In another picture, she revealed her sexy back by pulling down her long-sleeve-brown outfit and she was really stunning with her beautiful makeup, especially with her smoky eyes and thick eye brows. In another picture, she wore a different black-and-white swimsuit and high heels and she stood beautifully with one of her hand landings on her thigh. In January 2017, CL stated that she had been training for two years to prepare her debut in the US. In an interview with Ilgan Sports, CL also revealed that Yang Hyun Suk helped her a lot with her preparations fo US debut, AllKpop reported. CL previously released "Lifted" for US market and it received a good feedback by entering Billboard's hot 100. Even though it was not her official debut, she was really proud for getting much love from her fans. It is about the time for CL to have her debut in the US and her fans cannot wait to see her new music and performance.
Original post: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/284332/20170521/w-korea-shared-more-pictures-of-cl-wearing-different-swimsuits-for-june-issue/photo5.htm

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