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Red velvet, five-color holiday pictorial with mature

Singles has released five-color, five-color holiday pictures of Red Velvet, which returned to her regular 2nd album "Perfect Velvet".

In this picture, Red Velvet is a backdoor that it is out of the cute little girl, and it has completely overwhelmed the scene of the shooting with the mature charm perfectly suited to the trendy look such as the high boots and the peplum belt.

Red velvet, which grew into a group of four-year-olds and a bigger girl group, has an addictive melody ranging from 'HAPPINESS' to 'Ice Cream Cake', 'Dumam', 'Russian Roulette' and 'Red Taste' There are many hit songs that have received much love. They captured the hearts of the public with their colorful aspirations of playing colorful music through the colorful and reddish concept of splashing and soft and velvety velvet.

This regular 2nd album 'Perfect Velvet' will show the maturity of the red velvet which is different from the youthful 'red taste'. The title track 'PEEK-A-BOO', which has become a hot topic with only the teaser, is a mysterious and secretive attraction with the mature appearance of red velvet.

Wendy, the main vocalist who recorded the album with his mind control, said, "The result was better when I put down the pressure." It was not just the album activity, Irene, who spent a busy year, said, "I think it is my duty to be the eldest of the team to overwork."

I am proud to try various concepts, and I am proud to say that I am proud of trying 'Zoe' and 'as much charm as possible.' It is expected.

Girls Group Red velvet can be seen in the December issue of 'Singles' for dignified singles.

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