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'Playmate' Choi Seok-young, lovely sexy pictorial public

December's playmate of 'Playboy' in Korea Choi Seok-young's lovely and sexy picture was released.

This picture was based on the concept of a lovable and sexy woman playing alone in a house decorated with Christmas instead of the cute little character Kevin of the movie " Choi Seok-young, who likes bright and romantic things, has attracted people with his expression and attitude exactly matching the concept. 

A few conditions are needed to be a playmate of Playboy. A woman who has natural and healthy beauty, who loves himself more than anyone, and whose taste is clear. In December, 'Playmate' Choi Seok-young not only meets the above conditions, but also has charm that makes everyone happy with his bright and lovely personality. She showed her charm by emitting energetic energy more than anyone else in a strange and difficult photo shoot. Many of the staff in the scene were all in their eyes, but rather enjoyed the scene.

Playmate is a model called "Playboy" flower that decorates the centerfold page, which is a lot of pictures in the middle of 'Playboy' magazine, and receives a lot of interest from the readers of 'Playboy'. In this colorful Christmas atmosphere, this sexy, sexy photograph of Choi Seok-young can be seen in the December issue of 'Playboy'.

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