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1. Nicole Jung – KARA
Flaunting perfect abs and sexy dance moves, Nicole simply has a natural ability to captivate when she’s performing on the stage. It’s no wonder she’s been dubbed KARA’s American Dream.
KARA Nicole Sexy

2. Lee Hyori
If there’s anyone who dares to push the boundaries of sexy, it’s Lee Hyori. SPICA’s love of wet bodies, beach and bikini obviously came from her.
Lee Hyori Beach Bikini

3. Yuri – SNSD (Girls’ Generation)
Being part of Korean Pop’s “Divine Nine” looks like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? Kwon Yuri’s charm is her stage presence, where her dance, her abs and her natural fire makes her one of Korea’s most alluring MC of all time.
Kwon Yuri SNSD

4. Ga-in – Brown Eyed Girls
Take a look at the music videos for BEG’s “Abracadabra”, Psy’s “Gentleman” and her solo “Bloom”, and you see why Ga-in is one of Korean Pop’s most sensual ladies. Just like these shoots for Vogue Korea and her Bloom album cover.
Gain sexy vogue bloom

5. Suzy – Miss A
Suzy is alluring eye candy just by her face, which is why she was ranked #14 on the Independent Critics’ list of 100 most beautiful faces 2013.
Miss A Suzy Geek Mag

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